Frequently asked questions can be found below and for additional queries, please contact us.

What transport services does TuscanHound Air provide?

TuscanHound Air offers private luxury air transport IN CABIN regardless of your pet’s size, both nationally + internationally. Road transportation is also available throughout the European Union (EU) and United Kingdom (UK).

Can my pet fly in the cabin?

All animals, regardless of size, can fly in cabin with a TuscanHound Air authorized representative.

Who will be transporting my pet?

Your pet will be accompanied by a veterinary technician at all times during transport and flight.

What does my pet need to travel?

Traveling from the US to Italy

  • A valid Veterinary Certificate (stating owners details, a description of the animal, details of identification and vaccinations)
  • A valid rabies vaccine. If the rabies vaccination was the animal’s first vaccine then it must wait for 21 days before entering the country. There is no time delay with booster injections; providing there is proof that the booster was administered before the last vaccine had expired.
  • A tattoo or a microchip (compatible with standards ISO-11784).
  • Once in Italy, an Italian vet can issue an EU Pet Passport allowing travel within Europe.
  • An animal must be over three months old to enter Italian territory.
  • To introduce pet animals in Italy from third countries, it is NOT necessary to subject the animals to tick or echinococcus treatments.

Traveling from Italy to the US

  • The Italian Government requires that all cats and dogs travelling from Italy to the U.S. must have a Pet Export Certificate that can be obtained from an authorized veterinarian of the local ASL (Azienda Sanitaria Locale), who will check the validity of the vaccination against rabies.

TuscanHound Air can arrange these documents for you.

How much does it cost to transport my pet?

Our rates are competitive for this premium service offering. Contact us to request a complimentary quote.

Where will my pet stay if they need boarding?

TuscanHound Air sister company, TuscanHound, offers two in-home boarding options as well as grooming services.

More information about Pet Travel FAQs (to Italy and to the U.S.) can be found on the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Italy website.